Diversity/Gov’t Relations

Diversity and Government Relations work to educate members about the diversity of our industry while keeping tabs on legislative issues affecting our livelihood. Diversity also helps us diversify our membership to more closely mirror the percentile mix of minorities in the market. They also visit Tallahassee with 11 Florida House and Senate Representatives to discuss issues related to the advertising industry. Are you willing to go to bat for this industry? Step up to the plate.

  • Karina Ross

    Karina Ross

    Diversity Chair

    • Current Job

      Brand Strategist, CFE Credit Union

    • Hometown

      Miami, FL

    • College/University

      University of Central Florida

    • Favorite Quote

      "Don't lose your dinosaur"

    Memorable Ad 2 Moment

    I've been a part of Ad 2 since my first semester at college and have so many amazing memories. The best times have been the many gathers and conferences, especially this past National Conference were I was so blessed to go with a great team and bring home 2nd place for Public Service for an amazing client.