Public Service

Every year, the Public Service committee selects a local nonprofit organization in need to receive a full-service, pro-bono advertising and marketing campaign. They conduct research, plan and execute the campaign for the non-profit during the board year. Do you like giving back to the community? Want to see how you can use the power of advertising to help? Reach out to our Public Service directors.

  • Nick Olko

    Nick Olko

    Public Service Chair - Creative

    • Current Job

      Web Designer & Front-End Developer, Westgate Resorts

    • Hometown

      Orlando, FL

    • College/University

      University of Central Florida

    • Favorite Quote

      "What's in the box?!" - David Mills

    Memorable Ad 2 Moment

    Remember that one time at ADMERICA where we partied really hard on Bourbon Street after taking 2nd place in the public service competition.... Yea, neither do I.