One of the great benefits of being an Ad 2 Orlando member is having access to the Mentorship Program. In the Mentorship Program, we pair you with well-established working professionals in the advertising industry who can help guide you on your career path. By working directly with the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Orlando chapter, you are getting hands-on experience with people in your area.

Having trouble setting goals for improving your skills? Need help maneuvering through organizational awareness so you can get noticed by the right people? Want to figure out a good influence strategy so you can make the best impressions? Our Mentors can help you build the marketable skills you will need in order to be the best advertising professional you can be.

The Mentorship Program is simple. We pair you with a Mentor who not only meets the needs to your schedule but also has a similar skillset to you so you’re talking to someone who knows the same ins and outs that you do. In this way, both the Mentor and the Mentee are able to build a meaningful professional relationship that benefits both parties. Plus, if your schedule changes, you can always change the frequency in which you meet with one another, allowing for flexibility.

Benefits for Mentees include:

  • Networking with an established advertising professional from AAF Orlando
  • Confiding in a confidant who you can candidly speak to about professional issues
  • Getting expert feedback on how to resolve professional roadblocks
  • Strategizing with a Mentor who can help set attainable goals

Benefits for Mentors include:

  • Meeting new talent that is ready and eager to join the advertising industry
  • Building networking relationships with an up-and-comer
  • Mentoring the future workforce to better meet the needs of the advertising industry
  • Fulfillment in helping out a fellow working professional in need of guidance 

Ad 2 Orlando is committed to building professional relationships to helping you get to where you want to be in your career. The Ad 2 Orlando + AAF Orlando Mentorship Program is one of the first steps to take down that path.


Please fill out the Mentorship Intake Form by Monday October 26 
to begin the mentor and mentee pairing process.

Questions ? We have answers!
Ariana Duran – Membership Team Lead